Crazy race by Educatech: delivery of chassis to participants


On Tuesday morning, the 22nd, the chassis for the assembly of the carts was delivered to the participating schools at the UTFPR Guarapuava campus. At the event, the Director of the Guarapuava Campus, Marcelo Granza, thanked the teams for their partnership with Educatech. The CEO of CTP, Paulo Alvim, also stressed the importance of the event and the challenge that the schools have in building the cart from the chassis.

The chassis were built by WM, CTP’s partners. “The request came from Henrique Serra, who is from UTFPR and also our trainee at WM. We’re an engineering company, so we have a certain facility with making machines and we took on the challenge because of the partnership with UTFPR, Educatech and the Cilla Tech Park and it turned out to be fun too,” said WM’s CEO, Matheus Silva.

Henrique took part in the previous edition and is organizing the event this year. According to Matheus, the interesting thing about participating in the construction of the chassis was that they got close to the UTFPR students who learned how to assemble the project and were able to understand how the construction worked.

For Henrique, who mobilized the company, the Maluka Race is a great opportunity to learn how to innovate. “This year we’re promoting the Maluka Race again, with the aim of further promoting the Educatech Journey to encourage schools to participate more in society, to engage students and the Crazy Race is a good reason for this, which helps them to work as a team, to foster a certain entrepreneurship and to liven up the staff’s routine,” said Henrique.

The first schools to sign up were given the structure to set up the carts. The winners were Colégio Estadual do Campo de Lagoa Seca, CCM Mahatma Gandhi, Colégio Estadual Teotônio Vilela – EFM, Pelotão Esperança, Colégio Estadual Professora Dulce Maschio, Colégio Ana Vanda Bassara, Colégio Estadual Cívico Militar Edite Cordeiro Marques – EFM, Colégio Estadual do Campo Profº Júlio Moreira, CCM Manoel Ribas, Colégio Estadual Professores Edvaldo e Maria Janete Carneiro – EFMP, Colégio Francisco Carneiro Martins, Colégio Alba, Centro Estadual de Educação Profissional Arlindo Ribeiro. The other institutions and schools were able to buy the chassis to take part in the Maluka Race.

This year, the Maluka Race by Educatech will take place on September 30 in Parque do Lago and, according to Isabela Edling, teaching assistant at CTP’s Innovation Barn and also a member of the Educatech organization, the event will mobilize students, teachers and society as a whole. “We’re looking to boost the talent of the teams and also make a call for the Educatech Journey, which will take place on October 3rd and 4th. Come and take part in this event together with us,” Isabela invites.

For more information, follow Cilla Tech Park’s instagram and Jornada Educatech @jornadaeducatech.


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