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Cilla Tech Park will have its new headquarters in the Cilla Corporate Tower. The space will be larger, will have a coworking of greater capacity and two decompression areas. To stimulate innovation and competitiveness, we launched a challenge with the Architecture and Urbanism courses of the city to design these decompression spaces, leisure environments of the technology park. The architecture students from Faculdade Guarapuava designed the internal space and those from Campo Real University Center the external part.

The official start of the challenge was marked by a Meetup at the Cilla Corporate Tower in October. At the event the students were able to learn about the demands for the construction of an innovation environment, which must be a relaxed, motivating, wide, sustainable, practical, and ergonomic space, because these environments seek to provide more quality of life and stimulate creativity. They also learned about the specificities and requirements of a corporate building, which has an intelligent and sustainable structure.
For the Coordinator and Professor of the Architecture and Urbanism Course at Faculdade Guarapuava, Roberto Forghieri Vernalha Zimbres, participating in the competition was an honor. “We know the importance of the CTP for the city and region, and we are proud to have our Dean of the Faculty as president of the Cilla Tech Park. The contest brings as a benefit the healthy competitiveness, the development of creativity and especially for the students, the awards. I believe these benefits have been achieved. Since the beginning at the inauguration event, the students were very excited with the initial speakers, and especially with the building of the contest project that is innovative in several aspects”, he assured.

The second stage of the process was the Client Interview, where the students talked to the park’s Operations Director, Lorenzo.Jr. and asked about the ideas and wishes the team has for the headquarters.
For the Coordinator and Professor of the Architecture and Urbanism Course at Campo Real, Gabriel Soares, the challenge brings real experience to the students. “To make challenges like this, in a contest format, having an existing client with demands, peculiarities to be thought about so that the project can be well customized for such and to be submitting it to an evaluation board is very interesting for this process”, he says.

The last stage was the finalization of the project, with the jury voting and also the general public voting. Each team produced a board with the information and image of the project, without identifying the participants, so that a blind vote was possible. “This also demands from the students a good power of synthesis, line of reasoning, storytelling, telling what it is, presenting what the concept is, all on an A1 board, it is a great challenge for the teams,” explained Gabriel.

On Wednesday, 23rd, the teams that produced the outdoor space will find out which one was the winner.

Both the challenge to create the project for the spaces in the new headquarters and the Meetups aim to bring out the students’ creativity and strengthen the Innovation Ecosystem of Guarapuava, so that together we can create better futures.

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